Why service your diving equipment? 

Do you go deep-water diving? If you do, then you use specific equipment. Find out why regular care and servicing are necessary.

Why service your diving equipment?



From care to the servicing of your diving equipment

There is more to taking regular care of your diving equipment than a simple rinse in fresh water, especially for your technical equipment! You must remember that a complete service of your diving equipment by a certified organisation and professionals is essential. You must not take these services lightly! They will help to protect your safety underwater. Diving can be dangerous, so it is important to be able to dive in safety and in complete peace of mind. As we said earlier, services mainly apply to your technical equipment, such as the regulator, your buoyancy jacket or your diving computer. Services of your diving tank are called requalifications. Each manufacturer gives its own advice on how to service your diving equipment. Contact them for more information about your particular equipment.

Servicing your diving regulator

Servicing your diving regulator 

It is important to have your diving regulator serviced by a specialist. Even if you rinse your regulator after every dive, there still may be some invisible residue, and you may not even realise that the settings of your regulator are wrong. Servicing a regulator consists of complete cleaning by ultrasound, the replacement of the seals and checking the settings with an artificial lung. It also depends on how the regulator is used. More frequent services may be necessary, depending on the number of dives and the frequency of use of your regulator. Bear this in mind! 

Requalifying your diving tanks

If you decide to invest in diving tanks, then they need to be requalified. Why? First, because it is required by law, and it also checks that your diving tanks are up to standard. Requalification is essential to protect your safety. Diving tanks that are registered with a diving club must be requalified every 6 years, and must be visually inspected by a qualified technician once a year. On the other hand, diving tanks that are your own personal property must be requalified every 2 years.

Servicing frequency by type of equipment

Now that we have explained the different types of services by type of equipment, Subea provides advice on the frequency at which your equipment must be serviced:

  - Regulators: once a year or every 100 dives.

  - Buoyancy jackets: every 2 years.

  - Diving computers: for battery replacements.

The frequency of diving equipment services

The golden rules to servicing your diving equipment

To take good care of your equipment and make it last longer, remember to:~- Rinse it in fresh water after each dive.~- Store it in a dry place away from light.~- Service it when the time comes.

Doing this will make a real difference to your dives in the future. 

The decathlon workshops can service your diving equipment

The Decathlon workshops in almost 300 stores in France can provide after-sales assistance, maintenance services and, if necessary, repairs of your sports equipment.~They can perform a complete service of your diving equipment, from your computer, to your regulator and even your buoyancy vest. Your equipment is serviced in dedicated centres accredited by all the leading manufacturers of diving equipment.

Also, your first service is free when you buy a Subea regulator!

Victor, diving sales assistant at Decathlon Dunkirk


Diving sales assistant - decathlon dunkirk - ffessm level 1 and subea sub-author 


I work as a sales assistant in the diving and board sports department at Decathlon Dunkirk. I started diving when I was a student. I also had the opportunity to start taking my diving exams. Today, I have reached the FFESSM level 1.