Why have your diving equipment serviced?

Do you enjoy scuba diving? That means that you're using special equipment. Find out why regular maintenance, but also servicing, is necessary!

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This equipment is technically advanced and its cost is not an insignificant part of a diver's budget. Obviously, and as a result, you want your diving equipment to last just like I do. Only one thing is essential for ensuring its longevity : maintenance on a regular basis to optimise the life of your equipment and ensure your safety. This willhelp to ensure safe diving, which is an absolutely indispensable prerequisite in this sport. That way you can feel safe and comfortable when you go diving.

Depending on the equipment, there are several types of maintenance :

- Maintenance after each dive

- Periodic maintenance

- Annual maintenance for technical equipment (regulator, BCD, etc.)

From maintenance to servicing of your equipment...

Regular maintenance of your diving equipment should not be limited to a simple rinse with fresh water, especially with regard to the technical components... It's very important to understand that complete servicing by an accredited body and by professionals is essential. This should not be taken lightly!

It contributes to your safety underwater. Diving does include some risks and it's important to be able to dive safely and with peace of mind.

As mentioned above, servicing mainly concerns the technical components such as the regulator, the BCD, the dive computer, etc. It may also mean having your tank inspected, complete with hydrostatic testing. Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on equipment servicing. Also, it's important to check with the manufacturer on the needs of your equipment.

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Checking the regulator

An overhaul of your regulator by a specialist is important because, despite a daily rinse after dives, there may be residues invisible to you and your regulator may also be out of adjustment, without you being aware of it. This overhaul consists of a complete ultrasonic cleaning of your regulator, new seals and a check of the adjustment with an artificial lung. It also depends on how much you use it. Indeed, depending on how many divesyou do or the frequency of use of your regulator, it should be serviced more regularly.

Tank inspection

If you buy your own tank, it's necessary to have it inspected. Do you know why? First, this inspection is required by law, and it serves to verify that your tank is up to spec. It's therefore essential for your safety to have it. When a tank belongs to a diving club, it must be fully inspected every 6 years as well as visually inspected every year by a VIT (Visual Inspection Technician). On the other hand, a tank that belongs to you must be fully inspected every 2 years.


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Subea’s advice on servicing

Now that we've gone over the different types of servicing according to your equipment, Subea also has some advice on the servicing frequency of your equipment:

- Regulators: every year or every 100 dives.

- BCDs: Every two years.

- Dive computers: when changing batteries.

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For the maintenance of your equipment, go to a decathlon service centre!

Decathlon service centres, located in nearly 300 stores in France, provide after-sales service, maintenance and repairs for your sports equipment.Complete maintenance of your diving equipment is therefore availabe, whether it's for your computer, your regulator or even your BCD. The maintenance is carried out in a dedicated centre by experts approved by the main diving equipment manufacturers.

Diving services of decathlon workshops

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Golden rules for maintaining diving equipment

- rinse with fresh water after each dive.

- store in a dry place away from light.

- perform maintenance on time.

This will have a real impact on your future dives.

Why have your diving equipment serviced?

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