Why dive in pairs? with the family? 

Why not teach your family or your better half how to dive? Since you must never dive alone, why not introduce them to the thrills of diving? 

why dive in pairs or with the family subea decathlon
teaching kids to dive subea decathlon

Teaching kids to dive 

When at the beach, you sometimes come across children running out of the water, holding their mask in their hands and shouting “Mum, Dad, I just saw a fish this big!” With stars in their eyes and a degree of drama that slightly exaggerates the size of the fish they saw! So just imagine how wonderful diving could be for kids! Diving with the family is an opportunity to share the wonders of the sea with those we love most. Diving with children is also a means of sharing an experience and certain values with them, and of discovering the wonders of this underwater world together. Even when supervised by an instructor, nothing beats diving to explain to children why and how they must protect what they have just seen, and why it is so important to behave responsibly. If you want to teach your children to dive, then read our tips on the subject. 

It’s better together 

And what if your better half joined you in the water? Here are a few reasons to dive as a couple. First, it’s a good way of introducing more women to a sport that remains predominantly masculine. Even today, most divers are men, not to mention the diving instructors and the divers who practise the more technical forms of diving. But like in the rest of society, attitudes are gradually changing. But the second reason is even better. Since you share the rest of your life with your partner, why not share your passion for diving with them too? You may think that diving is a solitary sport, because communication underwater is difficult, silence is everywhere and we do not always look for the same things, because there is so much to see in the subaquatic environment. We are all so fascinated by what we see during every dive that we cannot possibly keep it all to ourselves. And how could you possibly not want to share such an experience with your better half? The more we share this love of nature and of the ocean, the more we will make other people want to protect this ecosystem and the more we will help to protect something that is part of our life and makes us dream.

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The more the merrier!

Many of us discovered our passion for diving through someone we know. Show why not share your passion to attract more people to the sport? For all the reasons mentioned above, but more importantly for: the enjoyment. Ask any instructor. Even after 10 or 20 years, diving still gives them the same pleasure. Without that enjoyment, there would be no more diving. The pleasure of being surprised again and again, even after your tenth dive in the same spot or pool, and the pleasure of sharing too. The pleasure of feeling afraid when, safe on deck, you wonder what is lurking beneath the surface. All this pleasure and excitement we feel every time we pull on a wetsuit and that we can share together with our loved ones.

Sharing underwater wonderment

Finally, what could be more enjoyable than seeing the smiles on your loved ones’ faces, once the dive is over? All those shared thrills, without saying a word, in a world where the silence is only disturbed by the sound of your own bubbles. A sense of wonderment that is more intense then anything they had experienced before. Not to forget the pleasure of seeing them experience the same sense of wonderment that you felt yourself after your first dive...

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