Why dive as a family or as a couple?

Since we dive in pairs, why not get your better half or your loved ones into this thing that you love so much? Subea explains why sharing your passion can only be beneficial!

tips diving family couple subea

Here’s a small personal observation on today's divers : whether in a club or on a trip, what I’ve seen is that most are men. Alone. It's only in some exotic or very tourist destinations that families or couples can be seeing diving together. And rarely above beginners or Level 1. Faced with this observation, which seems a bit sad, I thought that it would be good to change things a little, to change people's minds and to show that it can be very rewarding for everyone to share our passion for diving.

#1 Introducing children to diving

Each time I go to a beach, I see children running out of the water with their mask on their heads, staring in amazement, and shouting "Mum, Dad, I saw a fish this big". Accompanied by gestures barely exaggerating the size of the fish. So imagine the wonder they would feel if they dived and saw a moray eel or an octopus. Well, family diving allows us to share this wonder with the people we love most. And I must say that I'm very impatient to have my son come diving with me. For the time being, I can only share my memories with him, or my photos and videos. But to share a passion, a well-being and even a philosophy of life, nothing beats direct experience. This means conveying certain experiences, certain values, being able to share and exchange all the underwater marvels that you've seen. Even if it's supervised by an instructor. There’s nothing better than a dive to help you explain to your child why and how to protect what he has just seen, and why behaving responsibly is important.

tips diving family couple children subea

As a diver, you wish to involve your child and so to share this passion? Your child dreamsof making his or her first dive? ~Subea answers your questions and gives you some tips on introducing your children to diving!

tips diving family couple children subea

Summing up, it will always be easier for you to dive all together as a family than to look for a babysitter or an activity for your children while you explore the world of silence. Take them with you, share and pass on your passion, and train the divers of tomorrow.

​​#2 it's better as a couple!

I don't know about you, but my partner is very sensitive about cost. And even more so when it comes to the "diving budget". Since diving isn't necessarily a very accessible sport, even if it's becoming more and more so, why not show your partner that this permanent wonder is worth the investment that you put into it? For my part, I managed to persuade my partner to join me under water, and after that dive, I thought there were many more reasons for diving as a couple. The first is that it would be time to "feminise" this predominantly male sport. Even today, diving has a strong masculine accent and I won't even talk about thebeing an instructor or technical diving. But little by little, as in our society, mentalities are evolving. The second reason is the best one. You share your life and your love with your partner, so why not share your second great love : diving. We might think that diving is primarily a solitary sport because underwater exchanges are reduced to a minimum, the silence is omnipresent and we aren't necessarily all looking at the same thing, and yet there's so much to share!!

tips diving family couple subea

Experience diving as a couple.

From personal experience, I can say that I have never been so happy as when I saw my wife's eyes during our first ”love dive”, and I had never felt so close to her. She now understood the investment that I made and my travels and absences during my club training. And above all, she began to be less afraid of diving, this second woman who took her husband so often without letting her know if she would return him. Because there is another important aspect : fear of a diving accident. While we don't dive together all the time, of course, it's no longer a barrier between us. I've made her enter this bubble and she no longer feels separated from this aspect of my life. Another reason is the desire to share this fascination with the underwater world. We're all fascinated by what we see during each dive, so why should we keep it to ourselves? And above all, how can we not want to show it and share it with our other half? The more we share this love of nature and the ocean, the more we make people want to protect this ecosystem and we help to protect what ultimately is part of our lives and our dreams.

#3 The more the merrier!

For many of us, the passion was passed on to us by someone we knew. It's up to us to continue this process and to bring ever more people into this sport which means so much to all of us. For all the reasons mentioned above but also and above all for a reason that I have not yet mentioned, It's about the pleasure of it. You can ask an instructor or a trainer, but even after ten or twenty years of diving, the fun is still there. Without pleasure, there would be no more diving. The pleasure of being surprised again and again even after the tenth dive on the same site or in a pool, and to share it as well. The pleasure of beng slightly fearful again and again when, on the boat, one wonders what's below the surface. Since my first dive, this slight apprehension has never left me. Tirelessly, before each dive, I look at the surface, a little anxious, trying to guess what's underneath ...  And every time, once I’m in the water, the first thing I do is check, with my eyes, what's under me, to give me an initial idea of ​​the world that  I'm about to enter. Me, a human, an intruder. This little anxiety is now fully part of my pleasure in diving, like that of the debrief back on the surface. Like the feeling of being a stranger in the water, then gradually getting used to it, up to the point where you have the feeling of being a stranger once you get back to being a "terrestrial". All of these little personal pleasures that we feel as soon as we put the regulator in our mouth, we can share them with our loved ones.

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#4 The sharing of wonder

What greater pleasure, on the way boat trip back, than to see all these smiles and happiness on the faces of your loved ones? All these feelings, shared when not a word has been exchanged and when only the sound of the regulator disturbs the silence that surrounds us. And in the end, a greater and more intense wonder than anything they've ever known. And for you and for me, the pleasure of having made them discover, having made them feel, having made them marvel as we did our very first time.


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Romain, retail assistant at Decathlon-La Défense
I'm a retail assistant in the water sports department of the Decathlon at La Défense. I first discovered the underwater world through snorkeling and it was at the age of 15 that scuba diving became truly a passion. Since that time, I've regularly gone scuba diving as part of clubs and on trips. I have my FFESSM (French Federation of Undersea Studies and Sports) Level 1 certification.

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