Spearfishing is not just about catching fish. Subea gives you its top 9 benefits of spearfishing.

A short and non-exhaustive list that you can add to as you go along.

Water sports: good for your physical and mental health 

Spearfishing is a great all-round sport that makes you kick your legs and use your arms to duck dive or get down to the seabed. Simply put, it is a physical activity that is beneficial for mind and body, combined with the benefits of freediving.  

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

Forget your worries and disconnect

Doing a sport combined with freediving in the marine environment is sure to leave you with a smile on your face when you get out of the water. 

It won't make your problems disappear, but you won't give them a second thought once your head goes under: say goodbye to traffic noise, so long to notifications, because you will be disconnected literally as well as figuratively. In the water, you are in a state of pure relaxation and in tune with nature.

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

Discover a new environment

The underwater world is so different to our land-based one. Take it all in as you observe the rich and varied environments. Beaches, coves, rock pools, embankments, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and more There are no end of places to hunt and this diversity means that you are guaranteed to never tire of the sport or run out of dive travel plans

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

Hone your eyesight

That being said, you will need patience and a little experience to appreciate the beauty of marine life in all its splendour: your eyes have to get used to the change of scenery and especially to its inhabitants, which can sometimes be vastly different. But once you are familiar with it and have a trained eye, it is only the beginning of a long and exciting adventure.

Experience an adrenaline rush

How many hunters can say they have not experienced this unique feeling when "stalking" prey? You have to track it down, succeed in getting close (probably the hardest part) and finally shoot it, then release it from the spear to put it in the net. All of this gets your adrenaline pumping and it is a rewarding feeling and very exciting when you shoot your prey, when your adrenaline is at its peak. You are guaranteed to get your fill of excitement in the water.

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

 Share good times with your partner

Spearfishing is not a solo sport, so you tend to very quickly form strong bonds with your hunting partners. Getting to grips with the equipment, memorable failures, interesting fish and cunning prey will all feature in the stories you will be telling. ~These intense experiences help to forge lasting friendships where you trust one another completely. It's great for your well-being to have friends you can meet up with and with whom you share a mutual passion in communion with nature.

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

Enjoy sharing a good meal 

Obviously, when you shoot your speargun, the aim is to catch a fish so that you can eat it. You will discover the pleasure of savouring the fruit of your labour. Enjoying a perfectly grilled fish fresh out of the water and sharing it with your friends or family is a truly memorable experience. The exceptional freshness preserves all the flavours and your fish will be the best you have ever tasted. Especially since you have no questions about where your food came from!

Bask in the après-dive glow

Another benefit of spearfishing comes from the diving aspect and the physiology of your body. Being in the sea, especially in areas of moving water, exposes you to lots of negative ions that are ultra-positive for your feeling of well-being. They are also found in waves and waterfalls. They are largely responsible for the feeling of zen that you get at the end of your spearfishing session.

decathlon subea top9 spearfishing benefits

Ethical and sustainable fishing 

Contrary to what some may think, hunters do not "shoot anything that moves". Quite the opposite.

Firstly, because spearfishing regulations are strict and there are frequent checks. In the water, you have to select your prey according to the species (it is forbidden to shoot crustaceans, for example), its size and, of course, what you want to eat. 

As such, spearfishing is the most sustainable and selective method of fishing there is: you take only what you need, with full knowledge of the facts. The goal is not to "fill up your freezer" cheaply: on the contrary! Here, we are looking for a product at peak freshness and savouring it directly after the session with friends or family. 

Eventually, you may no longer need to buy fish caught using destructive fishing techniques that have a high impact on resources and do not target their catches, or that release catches considered "incidental", leaving them disoriented, injured, or worse, dead. As a seasoned and respectful spearo, you are participating to a certain extent in a change of consumption that is beneficial for the environment.

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