Our tips on how to repair snags or tears

If you find a snag or a clean cut in your diving wetsuit, then you will need a pair of clothes pegs, a fine brush and some neoprene glue, which you can find in DIY stores. Fold the neoprene in the appropriate place, and hold with the clothes pegs. Apply a first coat of glue on each side of the tear, wait for a few minutes, then apply a second coat. Once the glue no longer looks sticky (but not dry!), press the two edges of the neoprene together firmly at the point of the join. If there is a hole in the neoprene, turn the wetsuit over and repeat the operation on the other side. Then, leave your wetsuit to dry for about 24 hours before using it again. 

Our tips on how to repair your neoprene wetsuit!

Our tips if your wetsuit is worn or there is a hole in the neoprene 

In this case, you need to replace a part of the neoprene. Take a piece of neoprene of the same thickness as your wetsuit, a fine brush, some neoprene glue, a pen and a glass with a diameter slightly larger than the hole. Put the glass over the hole and draw a circle. Then cut out the shape. Repeat the same operation on the piece of new neoprene. Put the new piece in the hole in the wetsuit and make four marks to help you to position the patch. Then, apply glue all around the new piece then on the edge of the hole in the wetsuit. Leave to dry for about 2 minutes, then apply the second coat of glue. Wait a few seconds before positioning the new piece using the pen marks. Align one mark first, then another and apply pressure between the two. Then repeat, using the third and the last marks. Pinch the assembly so that the glue adheres properly to the neoprene. Finally, turn your wetsuit over and repeat the operation. Like in the first example, leave your wetsuit to dry for 24 hours before using again. 

how to put on a diving wetsuit tips subea decathlon
how to put on a diving wetsuit tips subea decathlon
Myriam, Subea neoprene diving wetsuit stylist


Subea stylist - padi open water 

I work as a neoprene wetsuit stylist. I started diving quite recently, when I joined the Subea team. It was a fantastic experience, incomparable with any other sport! Then, I decided to learn more seriously and I took my PADI Open Water exam.