Free diving is a readily accessible and cheap sport or leisure activity that provides numerous physical and benefits right from the very start and even at the most basic level. 

Here’s Subea’s short list that you are free to complete yourselves!

The immersed relaxation of freediving

Many people simply go freediving to recharge their batteries and relax. Getting rid of everyday stress and cares is one of the reasons most frequently mentioned when we ask freedivers why they dive. 

Once in the pool or the natural environment, all that intrusive noise disappears, making way for the magic of being immersed in an almost totally silent world.

benefits freediving subea decathlon

Change to a new underwater world and new bearings

~What better than observing the magnificent, varied and colourful marine fauna and flora from close at hand, just behind your diving mask? A totally new universe that transports you to a brand new and disconnected world. Don’t miss out on it!  

Keep in shape by swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete sports. Without even realising it, when you go freediving, you exercise many of the muscles in your upper (triceps, dorsal, abdominal, etc.) and lower (thighs, buttocks) body. Your shape, lungs and cardiovascular system will all be grateful!  

benefits freediving subea decathlon

Get to know yourself better in deep waters

When faced with underwater life, the clock or the depth, you will feel alone with yourself. Freediving can stimulate intimate thoughts that reveal the secrets of your inner soul. 

benefits freediving subea decathlon

Achieve your freediving targets to build your self-confidence

Static, dynamic and deep-water freediving are all means of pushing yourself to the limit, of achieving the unachievable and competing with others, as a means of boosting your own self-confidence. It will make you feel stronger.

Feeling emotions under the effects of pressure and repetition

You will often feel a sense of well-being, both during and after your freediving sessions. The very special environment, the increased pressure and the repeated dives can produce intense feelings of happiness, fulfilment and calm in the course of a single session. Addiction is recommended!

benefits freediving subea decathlon

Building your knowledge of the world of freediving

You will discover much about underwater life, physiology and anatomy during your activity as a freediver. 

So why not start off with the basics my reading our freediving glossary?

benefits freediving subea decathlon

Sharing and meeting

The more the merrier, and the safer too! With friends or the family, with or without the kids (who can also learn to freedive with the Subea PMT beginner’s kits), freediving can be a bonding experience that creates a real team spirit and a sense of solidarity. 

Diving with a club or on a trip and sharing a common passion also offers many opportunities to meet new people, discover new cultures or learn new techniques.

Learn to stealthily disappear into a new world

Without the noise of air bubbles and without any heavy or bulky equipment, you can enjoy a unique approach to underwater life. You are also more free and streamlined, so you have greater control over your movements. You are discreet and stealthy enough to come close to fish that you have never seen before. 

Sharing unforgettable moments with outsize sea mammals

Freediving is a great way to meet dolphins, whales and other marine mammals, with which you can share unforgettable moments. 

Even in a lagoon, near the beach or in a creek, you can enjoy magic encounters at freediving spots. And all this, while protecting their privacy and their environment!

benefits freediving subea decathlon


If you want to make some new discoveries and are attracted by the underwater environment, then freediving could very well become your favourite sport. With more than 2,500 clubs and organisations throughout France, it could not be easier to get off to a good start.

And how did you discover freediving? What do you like about this sport? Any experiences you want to share with us? You can add a comment if you like.

Baptiste, Subea digital manager


Digital manager – padi rescue and level 1 ffessm

I'm Subea's Digital Manager. I'm passionate about spear fishing and free diving, and have been scuba diving for over fifteen years. I dive alone down to 60 meters.