The benefits of scuba diving

Are you ready to take the plunge and see something new? Here are 6 benefits that will make you want to give scuba diving a go!

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Sure, scuba diving is not as popular as football or running, but with millions of certified divers around the world, the practice deserves to be better known. It is an activity that has many advantages: from discovering new experiences and a new world, to mental well-being.~Let's take a quick look at the benefits of being underwater.

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Discovering a new world

Who can honestly say they've never dreamed of exploring the underwater world and discovering the depths of the ocean? Well you can tick it off your list if you start diving! Equipped with a regulator, buoyancy compensator and diving cylinder, you will be able to explore underwater and as such discover the beauty of the marine environment. Did you know? Nearly 70% of the Earth is covered with water, so there are plenty of places to discover! In addition, there are several different types of diving out there, at varying levels of difficulty to suit your skill level, giving you the chance to explore some unusual places such as quarry diving, cave diving, night diving, etc. But always remember one thing: diving allows us to discover a new world, but we must never forget that the underwater world is not our natural environment and therefore we are not at home. So be respectful of the environment around you! 

Enjoy new experiences 

Not only does diving give you the chance to discover a totally new world but it also offers you new experiences that are specific to diving. Have you ever dreamt of flying? That's right, divers often report experiencing a combination of well-being and a feeling of lightness, close to weightlessness. Your buoyancy compensator will let you manage your buoyancy and move around underwater with ease! 

Diving, the cure for stress 

Once you are underwater it's time to relax! Far, far away from the everyday stresses and worries of life, you will be immersed in a wild environment where you can let yourself drift away, surrounded by a silent and exotic world of well-being and serenity. You will be totally cut off from the world! And on top of that, diving is a scientifically proven natural stress reliever! A study has shown that diving to a depth of 20 to 30 metres, while controlling your breathing, can considerably reduce stress levels. Diving has even been likened to yoga since learning to control your breathing is one of the foundations when you first start either of these activities. As such, focusing and concentrating on your breathing in the deep blue sea can give you an intense feeling of relaxation. 

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Diving to develop self-confidence 

When underwater, confidence is directly related to safety. Scuba diving, something you never do alone, is an ideal activity to develop self-confidence but also for developing trust in others. It allows you to develop a strong relationship of trust with your dive buddy. Trust is therefore essential to be able to dive with peace of mind and as such enjoy it to the full. Being able to count on others is good, but this trust must work both ways! You will also gain confidence with every dive as you gradually become more sure of yourself and more autonomous if you decide to start getting certified. Which is a good thing because your buddy should be able to count on you at any time.~ 

A sport that is open to everyone! 

Another good thing about diving? Anyone can give it a go! Child, senior, male or female... For kids, you will have to wait until they are at least 8 years old to be able to do a scuba diving initiation. You don't have to be a top athlete to give diving a go. So it's an ideal sport to share with your loved ones! However, you must first have a certificate of medical fitness to dive.

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Keeping fit 

Diving is not just a hobby... it's also a sport! It is an activity that also has physical benefits. Depending on the diving conditions, you could burn 450 to 500 calories over the course of a 45-minute dive. The equivalent of going for a jog or moderate bike ride for the same length of time. As a result, diving tones all the muscle groups in your body, while remaining very low-impact on your joints, strengthening your cardio-respiratory system and getting you exercising without even realising it. All of that on top of the beneficial effects of water! Enough to make you want to get into diving, right? 

decathlon subea scuba diving benefits keeping fit

A closing word

If you have a thirst for adventure and are drawn to the marine environment, diving may well become your new favourite sport. With thousands of clubs and organisations across the country, it's easy to get started the right way.

So how did you discover diving? What do you like about this sport? Do you have any stories you would like to share? It's over to you in the comments!

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