The advantages of buoyancy aids when snorkelling 

Buoyancy aids are often essential when snorkelling over long distances at sea, because they make for greater comfort and safety. Check out our entire range of accessories that make your life easier in the water.



The advantages of buoyancy aids when snorkelling

Buoyancy: your natural allies 

Buoyancy is very important when snorkelling, especially if you want to observe the seabed without free diving. Before looking at some accessories that can increase your buoyancy, let’s talk about the “natural allies” that you have already. First, Archimedes’ principle states that natural opposing forces push your body upwards towards the surface. Second, it is easier to swim on the surface of salt water. The salt makes the water denser, so that it becomes easier to stay on the surface. 

Inflatable floats for snorkelling

The advantages of external buoyancy aids when snorkelling 

In addition to the “natural allies” we mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a number of external accessories can be used to reduce the effort required to stay afloat when snorkelling for long distances. Accessories like floats, buoys, jackets and shorties keep you safer at sea by improving your capacity to stay on the water’s surface. Also, paddling on the surface of the sea avoids scratches on rocks or damaging the ecosystem by resting on coral reefs.

Buoyancy jackets or floats for greater comfort and safety

Inflatable floats and snorkelling buoys are very helpful to snorkellers looking for greater buoyancy for a number of reasons:~-They allow you to rest and save energy at all times, while adopting a natural position, because they adapt to your body shape. In this way, you can admire the ocean floor or clean your mask.~-These two accessories enable adults and kids to enjoy themselves, provided the adults always keep a close eye on their kids. They are also compact and do not take up much space in your beach bag.

For anyone who snorkels more frequently, your buoyancy jacket can become your best friend. This type of accessory allows plenty of freedom of movement, while also providing valuable help to stay afloat. But you must choose your equipment with care! Opt for 50 to 70 Newton buoyancy jackets, but remember that the performance of this equipment depends on your weight.

The advantages of buoyancy aids when snorkelling

Stay on the water’s surface with a full wetsuit or shorties

This type of equipment can also help you to stay afloat, even if it is not as efficient as a float or a buoyancy jacket. 100% neoprene models are more efficient, because the gas particles are enclosed inside the fibre, providing greater buoyancy. 

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