Tests with the subea team at the y40 pool

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Diving in the world's deepest pool...

This winter, the Subea team attended a seminar in Italy at "Y40 The Deep Joy", the deepest diving pool in the world.Two days of group activities punctuated, as is often the case, by dives. But this time, the team also participated in a new physiological test protocol put forward by DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network).Below, is our "dive log" for this particularly unusual spot. On the programme, a freediving session in the morning and a dive in the afternoon :-)

Y40 the deep joy

Why Y40? It's quite simple!~Y is short for the y-axis (i.e. the vertical axis) and 40 stands for 40 metres, the pool’s maximum depth. QED!~~The marvel here isn't the abundance of aquatic life that you would find when exploring the natural environment... (Fish don't do well in the slightly sulphurous local hot thermal spring water).

The amazing thing here is the complex itself, the intelligence of the engineers who built this centre, and the warm thermal water (you dive in your swimsuit). You move through “caves”, exploring the various platforms (the deepest is at -40 m).~~A glass tunnel cuts through the pool, and the many windows between the pool and the rest of the structure give the strange impression of being a fish in an aquarium...


The y40 freediving session

Despite the presence of a few spearfishermen, our team is mainly made up of scuba divers (from instructor to Open Water). For many, the prospect of a freediving session under the guidance of instructors was very exciting!~~Letting yourself go, listening to your body, feeling your diaphragm and descending...Mixed feeling of ‘zen-ness’ and controlled free fall...


Scuba diving “exploration” at y40

What do you do at -40 m in a pool? You take a break!~~Here's Espen, the diving team leader

No problem for françois,

our product engineer and former military diver.


A  dan europe  test to measure the effect of depth on the human body

Analysis of computer data, air consumption, physiological examinations before and after diving... The DAN (Divers Alert Network) Europe team gathers our data.~~On the agenda: blood samples, urine analysis, body heat analysis, heart rate...All of this data, when combined with the thousands of other analyses carried out by the DAN Europe researchers, helps to drive scientific progress and improve diver safety.

Tests with the Subea team at the Y40 pool
Tests with the Subea team at the Y40 pool

Baptiste, subea digital manager

I'm 36 years old. I'm the Digital Manager for the Subea brand. I'm keen on spearfishing and freediving and have been scuba diving for over fifteen years. I have my level 1 FFESSM and PADI certification up to “Rescue” level.