Swimming while pregnant: how to enjoy the pool while you're expecting

Although it is perfectly possible to keep doing physical activity during pregnancy, you need to avoid sudden movements and sports that might involve impact or jolts. If you can resist the urge to dive-bomb right into the middle of the pool, swimming is an ideal sport for your needs as a future mother!

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Although you'll have to put certain sports aside for a while, swimming and aquafitness are particularly advisable during pregnancy. Aside from feeling light while you're exercising, according to experts, moving in the water offers many benefits for mums-to-be. Reasons.


The numerous benefits of swimming when you are expecting

“Swimming is undoubtedly the sport that offers the most benefits and involves the least constraints for the body," states Anthony Gallet, adapted physical activity specialist at the Le Bois private hospital in Lille (France). Moving the legs in the water improves blood circulation. This is a great way to combat water retention, which affects some pregnant women. Breath work, muscle toning, managing weight gain… Breath work, muscle toning, managing weight gain… Swimming and aquafitness offer all the benefits of physical activity, as well as other advantages.


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Let's admit it: after 6 months, baby's weight really starts to make itself felt. The legs, back and joints: different parts of the body all feel the strain of those extra kilos almost constantly. Except in the water! "Exercising in the water allows pregnant women to feel light," Anthony Gallet adds. "The water takes strain off the joints and ligaments. Moving in the water can soothe some of the tension experienced in the back and legs.” That's a real weight off your back! Well, at least for a while…


Everyone at their own pace 

But how long should a woman wait before going back to sport seriously? "I would say two to three months," the osteopath continues. Starting your periods again is a pretty good indicator. However, every woman is different and should find her own pace, listening to her body. This return to exercise will differ according to whether the new mother kept exercising during pregnancy.” In any case, don't immediately chase physical performance and don't exhaust yourself. Don't forget that at the same time, you're doing another sport: being a mum…


And you, how did you manage this return to sport?



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