Start of the diving season

tips how to maintain subea equipment when getting back to scuba diving

After a winter break, is it time to get back in the water? discover our maintenance tips for getting back in the water!

Even if the urge to dive never really leaves us, many of us have a break during the winter and wait for the water to warm up. This is the perfect time to take care of yourself as well as your gear by giving a general inspection before the diving starts again. A successful dive depends largely on your equipment and the care that you devote to it. A complete overhaul of your equipment every year is essential to ensure your safety and let you stay underwater with peace of mind. So, let’s get it all out and have a look!

Inspect your equipment before you do anything else!

Good storage over the winter remains essential. take care of your equipment. and of yourself too!

You can make a visual inspection of the accessories yourself : look at the condition of your mask and the strap, check that your fins are in good condition, make sure that your surface marker buoy isn't cracked, etc...  Also consider trying on your suit after a long break to see it's not damaged or if it still matches your body shape.

tips how to maintain subea equipment when getting back to scuba diving

Don’t forget to thoroughly check your equipment!

Regarding your technical equipment (bcd, regulator, etc.), don't make repairs unless you really know what you’re doing.

Go to the specialists at your local Decathlon service centre, where you can get any repairs that you may need : regulator servicing, waterproofing and changes of battery for computers or torches, checking your BCD, etc.

Everything you need to get you back in the water safely and efficiently. Of course, as well as an annual service, always check that your equipment is working properly before each dive.

tips getting back to scuba diving with subea

And what about you?

Diving is risky, be sure to have a thorough check-up at the start of each season!

Getting back into the water after a winter break requires a visit to various specialists to check you fitness for diving. In general, make an appointment with an ENT specialist, a dentist and a sports doctor every year to update your medical certificate (mandatory except for novices). All of their diagnoses can directly affect whether you can safely return to the deep that we all love so much. As you surely know, diving is a sport that can be dangerous, so take this time to take care of yourself. Not bothering with these recommendations means taking unnecessary risks, so be careful and be safe when you resume scuba diving.

It's time to get back in the water!

It's the big day, you start putting your gear, excited at the thought of finally returning to the water. However, be careful, don't forget to tell your buddy or instructor that this is your first dive in a while.To resume diving under optimal conditions, this fact must be considered. Don’t be rash, but rather progressively resume your diving activities. Do an easy dive in order to take some time to familiarise yourself with your equipment once again. Once your reflexes and sensations are back, the underwater world will be yours once again.

Enjoy your return to the water!

Start of the diving season


Retrail assitant at decathlon village in bouc-bel-air

I'm a retail assistant in the diving department of Decathlon Village in Bouc-Bel-Air. I started diving 5 years ago and it immediately got me hooked ! So I decided to get my certifications quickly. I'm currently FFESSM (French Federation of Undersea Studies and Sports) Level 3 and Nitrox certified.

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