Standards and tests performed on the easybreath mask

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After our behind-the-scenes look at Easybreath’s design and production, it’s time to examine the different safety tests, quality controls and certifications performed on the product to guarantee that it’s fit for use. This article deliberately omits all of the tests performed by Decathlon’s teams throughout the product’s development. Instead, we focus here on the quality and safety tests performed by independent institutions that are references in the scuba diving world.

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The easybreath mask: production standards

Like many diving products, the Easybreath snorkeling mask falls under the category of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).~~Legally, manufacturers are obliged to meet a certain number of requirements and specifications that correspond with quality and safety standards. The Easybreath mask complies with two sets of safety requirements: those defined for snorkels and those defined for diving masks.~~These tests and certifications were performed by the INPP (National Institute of Professional Diving), an independent institution based in Marseille, France.

See opposite for an excerpt from the INPP report certifying its compliance with the essential requirements of regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council on personal protective equipment (snorkel standard NF EN 1972 and mask standard NF EN 16805).


Tests performed by dan europe (diver alert network) 

Our mask is also approved by another leading independent institution in diving, DAN Europe (Diver Alert Network). ~DAN is one of the world leaders in the field of medical and scientific research relative to diving safety.

Since 1994, DAN Europe has performed research in the fields of diving-related medicine and physiology. The results obtained by DAN researchers are a reference for the entire international medical community involved in diving research.

All breathing tests performed on the Easybreath mask, both at rest and under stress, confirm that the mask is safe to use. See opposite for a breathing test while using a drysuit in order to protect the sensors during in-water testing.


Cardio-respiratory tests performed by sport controle 

The Subea design team also worked with the independent agency Sport Controle (SC), a team of specialists in sports ergonomics, based in Biarritz, France.

SC is a company specialising in the co-creation and medical validation of sports products and accessories.

The SC medical teams measured participants’ cardio-respiratory data during submaximal exercise testing performed by a panel of adult and child product testers, using an ergocycle and with swimming actions while wearing the Easybreath mask.

The analysis of physiological data (Consumed oxygen rate, Respiratory Quotient, Ventilatory Expiratory flow, Heart rate and rate of carbon dioxide [CO2] intake) was performed by the SC consulting physician, who found that our product is safe during typical usage for snorkelling when used by individuals not suffering from any pre-existing or unmanaged cardio-respiratory illnesses.


The effects of co2 on health

Today’s air contains approximately 0.04% of CO2. In higher concentrations, this gas is dangerous.

The maximum exposure limit is 3% over a period of 15 minutes. This concentration must not be exceeded. Beyond that, the effects on health become more serious as the CO2 content increases. As such, at 4%, the breathing rate accelerates. At 10%, visual problems, trembling and sweating appear. At 15%, a person suddenly loses consciousness.

The CO2 value recorded in the Easybreath mask is slightly above a concentration of 2% in the breathing air, meaning that there is no risk when snorkeling for someone in good health. 

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Your opinion counts 

A true test of our products... 

Launched in 2014, the Easybreath mask is one of Decathlon’s most popular products.

In fact, our teams have received more than 11,000 pieces of feedback on the Easybreath range from customers located around the world. These comments are hugely useful to our design teams, as they help us to monitor product quality and customer satisfaction.

As such, as soon as a product’s rating falls below 3/5 (at least 20 opinions over a 12-month period), Decathlon is committed to removing it from sale.

A patented innovation:choose the original!

Did you know? decathlon was the first company to invent the snorkeling facemask. in fact, patents for this product have been filed in most countries around the world. since the product was launched in 2014, decathlon’s easybreath mask has been extensively copied.

However, it’s impossible for us to guarantee that these copies are risk-free, or to know if they meet the standards we do in terms of testing, compliance with health and safety, quality control and production monitoring.~ 

As an outdoor activity, snorkeling has its own hazards and dangers

That’s why the sale of our Easybreath mask is always accompanied by a series of complete usage instructions (how to use your mask, choosing the right size), as well as key safety information: for example, our mask isn’t recommended for the under-10s and should only be used for surface snorkeling, not when swimming as a sport. It’s impossible to know if this is the case with other models currently on the market, so trust Easybreath!

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