Sport and self-confidence

To develop a winning mindset, why not start by enjoying yourself? Discover the relationship between sport and self-confidence.

Sport and self-confidence

On the playing field and on a daily basis, a little confidence can go a long way. But when self-doubt comes knocking in your everyday life, how can you send it packing and regain your self-belief?

To top up your confidence reserves, we have a solution for you: get active and have fun!

So what is the relationship between sport and self-confidence, how can you take the first step and which sports should you try? Let us explain:

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“believe in yourself”?

“Self-confidence is easy: just believe in yourself and go for it!” Generally, this kind of encouraging and well-meaning talk comes from a person... who has confidence in themselves. A bit like how the successful are more likely to succeed, in sport self-confidence is a virtuous circle: you succeed, so you believe in yourself, so you take a risk, so you succeed, and so on.

And conversely, if something knocks your confidence, it's hard to take that leap. Don't want to, scared it will go wrong, low self-esteem, afraid of what others might think... there can be many reasons but the result is often the same: the feeling of missing out on a good time or an opportunity.

Of course, there are many ways to get your confidence back, but here we are going to talk about a method that we know and love: sport.

So if you want to tackle the problem head on and enjoy yourself while doing it, we can tell you how!

Sport and self-confidence

It's not only great for your body, sport also gives your brain a huge boost, thanks to the hormones produced during exercise. The famous endorphins, which make you feel like you are on a little cloud when you finish your workout, are ideal for getting back in touch with yourself.

Sport is also an effective way to set goals, achieve them and track your progress. Discover your potential and fulfil it: you will get to know yourself, and your successes will fuel your confidence.

Lastly, pitches, tracks and gyms are also great places to make connections, chat to people who share your interests and socialise.

Are we forgetting anything? Enjoyment! First and foremost, you get to let off some steam, discover yourself and, most of all, have fun. The results are physical as well as mental: by "clearing your head," you can put your best foot forward after your sports session.

Dare to exercise?

You might be saying to yourself that we have come full circle back to the origin of the problem: to dare to take that step and get into sport, you need a certain amount of self-confidence.

One solution is to start doing exercise on your own. On your own at home or out of the house, try out, get back into and discover what you enjoy before you jump in at the deep end (literally and figuratively if you've discovered that swimming is your thing).

It's up to you to decide when you feel ready and what opportunities come your way. If you are looking for real-life examples, we have some inspiring sports stories for you. And if you'd rather get started solo, check out our coaching app.

Self-confidence: which sports to get started?

Looking for exercise ideas to boost your self-confidence? Here we have some sports for you that are great for your body... and your mind:

How about you, which sports have helped you to improve your self-confidence? Share your questions, your anecdotes and your experiences and, above all, have fun!