The importance of good protection against the sun when snorkelling

The importance of protection against the sun when snorkelling

As a general rule, our skin is permanently exposed to UV rays, especially when snorkelling, because the risks are even higher for several reasons: ~- The rays are reflected by the water and strike your skin again at a different angle, for example on your chin or the backs of your thighs.~- As we have already mentioned, the magnifying effect of water amplifies the UV rays, exposing your body to much higher risks.~- Even in overcast weather, the UV rays are still present.

Now that you are familiar with the risks on sunlight and UV rays, you can choose the right sun protection for risk-free snorkelling!

Uv tops or shorties to protect you against the rays of the sun

UV tops are ideal to protect the upper body, because they provide protection without limiting your body movements. What’s more, they are easy to pull on and adapt to your body shape. For beginners who are unaware of the painful consequences of sunburn on the backs of the thighs, shorties help to protect the thighs and the upper body, because they are made up of a neoprene top and shorts. And if you don’t like shorties, there is another solution: polyester shorts. They cover you lower limbs, even when you are in the water.

Sun protection to limit sunburn when snorkelling

A full wetsuit for optimal protection

If you have sensitive skin, a full wetsuit is the only garment that protects your entire body, and also keeps out the cold, while protecting you against cuts. When choosing a full wetsuit, take care to opt for the right thickness of neoprene according to the temperature of the water.

Protecting exposed skin with sun cream

You must take care of the parts of your body, like your face, ears and ankles, that remain exposed to UV rays. Sun cream will only protect these parts if it is waterproof and you apply a new coat every 2 hours. Finally, UV rays are at their strongest between midday and 4:00 pm, so avoid staying in the sun at this time of day.

Protect yourself with sun cream before setting off on your snorkelling expedition!
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