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Reduce your impact on the environment by being an eco-friendly snorkeller

To become an eco-friendly snorkeller, check out our non-exhaustive list of good behaviours to implement when in the water:

- Don't leave any rubbish in the sea or on the coast. Always remember to take a bag to collect your rubbish and dispose of it responsibly, remembering to sort for recycling~- Opt for sun creams rather than insoluble oils. You protect both your skin and the environment.~- Never feed the fish and avoid any contact with the seabed (contact with fins, overturning rocks, taking specimens of the wildlife. Observe and enjoy, take pictures, but never touch!~- Use the marked pathways to get to the sea to reduce your impact. Moor your boat to a buoy or attach it in a sandy area.~- Enquire about the dates and authorised areas for diving and spear fishing. Respect protected species, observe minimum take size, and use only authorised equipment. This information is available from the Maritime Affairs and harbour master's office.~- After your snorkelling session, use water to wash. Use small quantities of washing products and systematically use the specified careening areas for maintaining your craft. Many everyday products can be dangerous for the aquatic environment (fuel, oil, etc.).

The international charter for responsible snorkelling by longitude 181

Want to go even further? Check out the international charter for responsible snorkelling created by the Subea brand partner Longitude 181 association, which fights for the protection and preservation of our oceans.~This small guide will help you better understand how to be eco-friendly when snorkelling to protect the marine environment!

The international charter for responsible snorkelling by longitude 181
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