Is a buoyancy aid useful for snorkeling?

Check out the buoyancy aids for snorkeling.

buoyancy aid snorkeling

You love snorkeling but fatigue quickly sets in? fear not ! a buoyancy aid can solve this problem.

You've got the essential FMS (fins, mask, snorkel)? Bravo, that's a good start. But when you jump into the water for a long snorkeling session, you might think that life would be simpler if you could float effortlessly! It's your lucky day - you can make this wish come true thanks to snorkeling vests, shorties and neoprene wetsuits. Not to mention buoys and inflatable noodles!

Check out these accessories that allow you to snorkel for longer, comfortably and safely.

Your natural 'buoyancy' allies for snorkeling

The buoyancy issue is essential when you start snorkeling. Especially if your thing is to look at the seabed, while swimming on the surface of the water. Buoyancy is your main ally in this sport. Remember - in a fluid, a natural force opposes gravity and allows you to float (somewhat). Water salinity reinforces this thrust. That's why it is easier to float in the Dead Sea than in a freshwater pool.

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The importance of an external contribution to stay afloat while snorkeling

While these two natural effects make it easier to move on the surface of the water, an external buoyancy aid will allow you to prolong your excursions, while saving your strength. Not to mention that by helping you to stay afloat, buoys, snorkeling vests, and shorties provide extra security by allowing you to relax whenever you feel the need.

One last benefit : more buoyancy reduces the risk of scratching against rocks or putting your fins on fragile coral in the world's most beautiful reefs...

Use an (inflatable) noodle or a buoyancy aid vest

Inflatable noodles, pool noodles and snorkeling buoys are valuable companions for any snorkeler who wants to gain further stability. There are several reasons for this : you can rely on them at any time to gather your strength or clean your mask. Under your armpits, they add to your natural buoyancy. A buoy saves you making significant stabilization efforts and allows you to quietly observe the underwater flora and fauna. These two accessories are every bit as useful for adults and juniors, and can easily be exchanged in the heat of the moment. Children love them, but beware, they must only be used under adult supervision. Finally, inflatable noodles and buoys pack down small in your beach bag!

You've caught the snorkeling bug and dive more regularly? So for you, buoyancy could well mean a vest! Buoyancy vests give you freedom of movement while providing a valuable buoyancy aid. It's essential to pick the right one! For snorkeling, choose life vests from 50 to 70 newtons. Remember that the effectiveness of this equipment depends on your weight.

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Full wetsuit or shorty

Shorties, neoprene tops and full wetsuits protect you from the cold, sunburn and scratches on the rocks. But not just that ! They represent a real helping hand in terms of buoyancy, a relatively unknown phenomenon. Shorties and wetsuits can also help you to float better. They contribute less than a buoy or a buoyancy aid vest, but this effect is more noticeable with 100% neoprene models. Indeed, gas particles are captured in neoprene fibres, providing buoyancy assistance.

buoyancy aid snorkeling shorty wetsuit subea

Do you know the olu ? 

Check out our last innovations : the Olu family ! Designed for young and old alike, these snorkeling observation buoys will allow you to discover the seabed without having to put your head underwater while bringing you a not inconsiderable buoyancy. Want to know more about these products ? Find them in our innovation file !

buoyancy aid snorkeling shorty wetsuit subea



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