olu snorkeling observation buoy subea


The Olu range began with an observation: many people don’t feel comfortable putting their heads under water when swimming, which is a considerable hindrance if you want to try snorkeling! Even snorkeling fans have been known to complain about not being able to communicate while snorkeling - unsurprisingly, it isn’t easy to chat about all of the wonderful sights with a snorkel sticking out of your mouth... Now, with Subea’s new Olu range of snorkeling accessories, those days are behind us ! The Olu range includes two observation buoys, created and designed by our expert teams. But don’t be fooled : these aren’t inflatable mattresses or even beach toy. In fact, with its ingenious anti-fog and anti-reflection system, the entire range of Olu snorkeling accessories allows children and adults to discover the underwater world in a different way, while remaining on the surface of the water.




When designing the Olu range, our teams focused on an inflatable system in order to create a compact product that would be easy to transport and put away. But during prototyping, they realised that they were going to have to deal with a huge challenge : guaranteeing “anti-fog” technology for perfect underwater vision ! The Olu range’s initial prototypes only had a single air chamber, which led to inevitable fogging up while inflating as a result of of humidity. As such, challenge n°1 was to find a solution for guaranteeing a clear field of vision. This led to the idea of having the product include a second air chamber. This means that, when inflating the Olu, any moisture is trapped in the first chamber - guaranteeing that the viewing chamber doesn’t fog up at all. This second chamber also provides the Olu 120 with extra safety, since if one of the chambers deflates during your snorkeling excursion, the other one will provide enough flotation and stability for you to get out of the water safely.


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Olu’s name comes from a contraction of 2 Hawaiian words : OluOlu which means “easy” and Ka lu’u for “diving”. Easy diving = Olu’u. For pronunciation reasons, we decided to stick with Olu in order to demonstrate how easy it is to use the product.


olu 100 observation snorkeling buoy subea

Olu 100 snorkeling observation buoy

Suitable for children aged 4 and upward, as well as for adults, this transparent inflatable bubble will provide you with a perfect view of the seabed from the surface, without having to put your head under water. The Olu 100 is compact and easy to transport everywhere thanks to a handy little net bag, and it’s quick to inflate using its valve. Once it’s inflated, just put it in the water and have a look at what’s going on right under your feet - or your fins!

Available soon : 8 euros


olu 120 observation snorkeling buoy subea

Olu 120 snorkeling observation buoy

Just like the Olu 100, this inflatable observation buoy allows you to admire the seabed from the surface without having to put your head under water. Unlike its smaller cousin, however, the Olu 120 has been designed so that you can go exploring with the family and friends. This model comes in three sizes: a junior model for children 8 and over, and two models for adults. A linking system with clips located on each side of the buoy can be used to connect several Olu buoys - perfect for safe exploring with the kids!

Price : 15 euros

olu snorkeling observation buoy subea
olu snorkeling observation buoy subea design


When designing the Olu range, our main goal was to keep things simple. As such, Olu’s range of products offers swimmers an easy, almost instantaneous snorkeling experience… in other words, as simple as the product itself !

“When we were creating Olu, the idea was to let the user be guided by the product”
Raphaël, Design Director


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