How to use your easybreath mask?

Have you decided on an Easybreath mask? Discover our tips for optimal use!

How to Use your Easybreath Mask

To really make the most of your Easybreath, some information and tips might be useful to keep things safe on your future excursions.

Emily, our snorkeling product manager, explains how to use your Easybreath mask properly.

Choosing the right mask size

Be sure to choose the right Easybreath mask size to fully enjoy all of the underwater wonders!

How to Use your Easybreath Mask
How to Use your Easybreath Mask

A few usage tips

- The Easybreath has been designed for adults and children over 10 years old.~~- Choose the right size to ensure that the mask is watertight.~~- Opt for a low intensity snorkeling trip to avoid excessive breathing effort.~~- Don't freedive : the Easybreath mask is only designed for the surface!~~- Last but not least, enjoy!


Underwater wonders await you. Have a good snorkeling trip!