How to use your diving parachute 

An ascent parachute is an essential accessory to protect your safety when diving. Check out our tips on how to learn to use your equipment.  

How to use your diving ascent parachute

Our tips on how to use your diving ascent parachute 

Your dive is coming to an end. The time has come to take out your parachute and to make your stops on the way to the surface. Start by stabilising at the stop level with your partner and take your parachute. Open and unroll the parachute by holding the weighted part downwards, then release the line so that it can unwind, and take your octopus. When performing this manoeuvre, it is important to have slightly negative buoyancy, so that the parachute does not pull you up to the surface. Then, fill your parachute with air from the bottom, before releasing it, so that surfaces, while allowing the line to slide through your hand. Remember to pull on the line so that your parachute is vertical and clearly visible. 

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Julien, product engineer at Subea


Subea product engineer - padi rescue 

I am a diving equipment product engineer at Subea. I started diving when I was a teenager, but I only started diving regularly and became a real deep-water diving enthusiast thanks to my work. So, I decided to train to become qualified, and today I have a PADI Rescue qualification with the “Deep” certificate.