How to remove your diving equipment 

After the dive, it’s time to get out of the water and remove all your equipment, not to forget your diving tank!This is an important step in taking care of and storing your equipment properly.Erwann, our Product Engineer from Subea, explains how to disassemble your equipment.

How to remove your diving equipment
How to prepare your diving equipment

How to prepare your diving tank

And here is how to get ready. Now you know how to remove your diving equipment, I’m going to tell you how to prepare it for a dive.We explain how to assemble your diving tank step by step in our tips.


Subea product engineer - 1* cmas instructor and padi divemaster

My Dad was a professional diver and the leader of a team of divers who worked for the rescue services in Caen, France. So I was lucky enough to dive for the first time the age of just eight and to become a fully trained instructor when I was still very young.I have been diving for about 40 years, and I now have passed every FFESSM level to the CMAS 1* instructor grade and I am a PADI Divemaster too.

Erwann, Subea Product Engineer