Our tips to avoid fog inside your diving mask

Our tips to avoid fog inside your diving mask 

First, remember that it is essential to clean your diving mask before and after use to prevent fog from forming. This is also true of new masks, from which all traces of additives must be removed. Between the moment when it rolls off the production line and the moment when you buy it in a store, your the glass of mask collects bacteria and dust. These factors help to fix the fog, especially due to the various particles.

Hugo, a Product Designer at Subea, explains how to take care of your new mask, without a sponge, and with just degreasing washing-up liquid. Leave your mask in the solution for 12 hours, so that the washing-up liquid has time to clean every nook and cranny. Then, rinse in hot water and leave to dry.

You can enjoy diving without any fog simply by taking care of your mask before use and throughout your dive.

How to prevent your diving mask from fogging up

Tips on easy care to prevent the formation of fog 

In addition to the above-mentioned advice, which applies to new masks and to masks in general, we also advise you to apply a coat of anti-fog product or saliva to the glass in your mask before each dive. You should obviously rinse your mask with clean fresh water to keep it clean and in good working order.

You will then be able to observe the seabed more comfortably.

Hugo, Product Designer at Subea


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