How to film under water with your easybreath mask?

Did you know that from now on you can mount a camera on your Easybreath and so record your snorkeling outings for posterityLoïc, product engineer, is going to explain how to film underwater with your Easybreath mask.

conseil snorkeling filmer masque easybreath subea

Subea has designed an accessory that you can fasten to your Easybreath mask to immortalise all of the wonders that you encounter under water: the camera mount.~~Loïc, our packaging engineer, is going to give you a few tips on how to film under water with your Easybreath mask.

Our tips to film with your easybreath mask

How to use Easybreath© camera mount ?

A few usage reminders

- Position your camera on the camera mount.~- Use the longest screw provided with your camera kit to fasten your camera correctly.~- To put the camera mount on your mask, release the snorkel and position the mount on its base before clipping it in.~- After snorkeling, hold your camera firmly as you unclip the snorkel to prevent it from falling in the water.

conseil snorkeling filmer masque easybreath subea

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