How to choose your spearfishing wetsuit

Criteria for choosing the right spearfishing wetsuit 

How to choose your spearfishing wetsuit
How to choose your spearfishing wetsuit

Thickness of your spearfishing wetsuit

How to choose your spearfishing wetsuit
Spearfishing wetsuit thermal insulation

Your spearfishing suit's type of neoprene

The interiors of spearfishing wetsuits can be made of one of two types of neoprene. So you will have to choose between:

- plush neoprene (photo 1): lets you get the spearfishing suit on and off easily, even when dry! It is very durable and is recommended for beginner spearfishing divers and anyone who can be a little heavy-handed;

- split neoprene (photo 2): smooth neoprene on the inside to "stick" to your skin better, also called open-cell neoprene or smooth-skin neoprene. Split neoprene is more fragile and requires special care when putting it on and it must be put on wet using soapy water, otherwise you could tear the neoprene. On the other hand, it offers outstanding thermal protection and comfort, perfect for those who like to spend long hours in the ocean! 

Plush neoprene
Spearfishing suit reinforcements

Reinforcements: protection for you and your suit

Reinforcements are essential to protect your wetsuit and yourself.

When you reload your speargun, with the grip pressing against you, you are putting pressure on your chest and wetsuit. This is why spearfishing jackets are reinforced at the chest to avoid any risk of tearing the neoprene, or even injury. ~In addition, all spearfishing trousers and salopettes have reinforced knees, and all jackets have reinforced elbows.

This is essential for the aspetto technique, where the hunter lies on the seabed.

Alfredo, diving sales assistant at Decathlon Perpignan, France


Diving sales assistant - decathlon perpignan, france - level 3 ffessm 

Remember that there must be little to no water circulating inside your spearfishing wetsuit for optimal thermal comfort. So always choose the right shape and size for you. ~If you can't decide between two suits, choose the tighter one!