How should you choose your spearfishing speargun?

What's the anatomy of a spearfishing speargun?

A speargun is a spearfishing weapon designed to shoot fish and other octopuses using a spear shot at high speed with an elastic band (bungee). The main parts of a spearfishing gun are included in the criteria mentioned above.~~When choosing a model, take a close look at:~- its butt (or grip): this is used to hold the gun and pull the trigger. Some are ergonomic, specifically designed for right or left-handed users. Others are equipped with an easy-to-use safety system.~- its barrel: those made of carbon are costly, but very light and of optimal sturdiness. If made of aluminium, it will be lower-priced but heavier! From 30 cm to 140 cm or higher, a barrel’s diameter can go from 25 mm to 28 mm, which influences its weight.~- its bungees located on the barrel, elastic bungees are used to powerfully propel your gun’s spear.~- its spear: stainless steel spears are resistant to salt water. Opt for models with a diameter of at least 6 mm.~- its reel: an option that can be useful to reel in the fish, in case of deep sea diving or big catches. A key factor in your safety! Always check that there is an attachment system on the barrel.

The anatomy of a spearfishing speargun

A gun that's right for your style of fishing

If you hole fish

You will need a spearfishing gun measuring between 35 and 70 cm in maximum length. A small harpoon can facilitate access to tighter cracks and ill-placed holes. Adapt the length to the required level of precision, the surroundings and the range. A reel is useless here.

If you ambush fish

You glide around randomly (or not) looking to surprise your prey. A light speargun between 70 and 90 cm is ideal for exploring the waters and moving around easily without too much effort. 

The agachon technique

Agachon fishing

You remain immobile and camouflaged on the seabed, waiting for your prey. Choose a gun at least 90 cm long. Aluminium works well here, as you can push off the bottom with your elbows. Very practical! Your spearfishing wetsuit is reinforced specifically in places that come into contact with the seabed: knees, elbows, and torso. Adapt the precision and range to the visibility and the safety distance from your prey!


You spearfish offshore in the open sea. Opt for a minimum of 1 m in length. Longer for more precision and range, especially in good visibility. What's essential? A very light and sturdy carbon barrel, and a good reel!

A harpoon for beginner or advanced spearfishers 

Beginners should opt for a short gun measuring no more than 35 to 70 cm, because they are easy to handle and use. This type of harpoon is very versatile and offers sufficient range for newcomers. To avoid difficulties re-arming, choose 16 mm bungees. Now you're ready to learn to spearfish in any style you like!

Intermediate and advanced spearfishermen choose their gun according to taste and the conditions. When the visibility is clear, a longer gun will offer improved precision and a longer range. You'll gain more power by using bungees with larger diameters. Stretch them to test them!

Maintaining your spearfishing speargun

Spearguns are weapons and should be handled with care. When not in use and on land, release bungees and hold by the butt to avoid accidental shooting. Always protect the tip of your spear when between hunts, and never leave your speargun where children can reach it.

To maintain your gun, rinse it carefully after use. Allow it to dry in the shade, then store it away from light. Every rinse/dry cycle is an opportunity to check the state of your bungees by stretching them before and after each use. If you see any cracks or breakage, throw them out! The tip of the spear should always be in excellent shape, as should your gun. Mechanical parts should be greased regularly to keep them from rusting and guarantee their efficiency.

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When making your final choice of speargun, choosing a good brand often guarantees you'll be able to find spare parts and compatible accessories long into the future!