From snorkelling to scuba diving 

Anyone can observe the ocean floor with a pair of fins, a mask and a snorkel. But SCUBA diving is a far more technical activity that demands training in order to actually discover the seabed in safety. Here are the different steps.

From snorkelling to scuba diving
Learning to deep-water dive

Getting started at scuba diving: the key steps 

There are a number of things you need to understand before starting to learn to go Scuba diving: how to breathe through your mouth, because the mask prevents you from breathing through your nose, how to use a regulator, how to feel more at home underwater, using a neoprene wetsuit, swimming underwater, with or without fins, etc.~~ All these points help to produce a certain affinity with water and the marine environment. Other things you encounter, such as the algae, plants and rocks around you, may be a cause for concern for some beginners, who need to learn how to overcome their fear, because all these things form an integral part of this sport.

From a snorkeller to a diver...

With regard to what we have just mentioned, we are now going to look at the different steps on the path from snorkelling to SCUBA diving.~The most complicated task is probably learning how to control your balance. Carrying an oxygen tank on your back significantly changes your centre of gravity. You can cope with this situation by regulating your stability by controlling your breathing. Second, it is also essential to understand the technical aspects of your equipment, because its different parameters are very important. But don’t worry, it’s not at all complicated.

Contrary to many preconceptions, controlling your breathing is more important than all the other technical aspects of this sport.

From snorkelling to scuba diving

The reluctance to learn how to scuba dive

Many snorkellers never actually learn how to dive. Often, for reasons to do with time, motivation, money, etc. Snorkelling is indeed much more accessible and is more fun too. You can snorkel alone or with someone else, anywhere you like, it doesn’t cost a single penny, age is not a problem, body size and weight and medical demands are not a problem, but you can still marvel at these wonderful new horizons. Snorkelling enables you to enjoy the best of the underwater world, without all the imperatives that go with SCUBA diving. A fact that is clearly reflected by society, because only 3% of the French have ever gone SCUBA diving, while most of them have tried snorkelling at least once.

Learning to SCUBA dive
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