Edurne, supply manager at subea

Edurne is the supply manager for the Subea brand.She is keen on scuba diving. Learn more about her…

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I've worked at Decathlon for 12 years. Having grown up in a family of divers, I started very young and it has been my passion for nearly 20 year.~I'm PADI Advanced certified and ultimately I would like to become a diving instructor.

edurne responsable approvisionnement subea

What do you do at subea?

I went back to Tribord in 2006 before joining Subea a year ago, as head of the supply team. I run the entire supply team, made up of Nicolas, Edurne and Angeline, covering all product families in the Subea world: snorkelling, spearfishing, scuba diving and freediving. The idea is to have the right inventory at the right time and in the right place for all diving products. Our job is to manage production supply until it reaches the warehouse and the actual store.

What do you like about scuba diving?

I love nature, the sea and I love being able to explore these things thanks to diving. What's more, this isn't a necessarily competitive sport but a sport where you can meet lots of people and build strong relationships. Diving is done in pairs and when I dive, my life is in my buddy's hands and vice versa. There's strong respect for nature, people, flora and fauna in this sport.

What's your most beautiful memory of an underwater experience?

Although it wasn't necessarily in an extraordinary place with loads to see, I have good memories of a family diving trip in Cantabria, Spain. We were all together and it was great to share that moment.

edurne responsable approvisionnement subea