Diving Surface Marker - Orange

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Key feature
A diving surface marker buoy that is essential for divers' safety. The one-way system keeps it inflated on the surface. The best way to dive in safety!
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3.57 / 5 23 ratings

Products benefits

Marker remains inflated on the surface thanks to the patented one-way system.
Ease of use
Lead weight (60 g), non-floating line (9 m) and snap hook included.
An additional ring on the outside of the cover to attach a reel
Abrasion resistance
Coated fabric. Stitching protected & reinforced by protective material (braid).
Content protection
Storage bag attached directly to the marker for greater ease of use!


Main fabric : 80.0% Polyamide (PA), Main fabric : 20.0% Polyurethane (PU) Pole : 58.0% Zinc, Pole : 42.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Approved by
our technical partner: Planet Océan, a PADI 5 star diving centre based at Tribord. The centre uses Tribord equipment throughout the year. The team of instructors are rigorously involved in the development of our diving products. From the design stage, with product managers, designers and engineers, through prototype testing to long-term wear tests, with the help of novice divers and training instructors.
Designed and tested by our teams and our technical partner in Hendaye (France).
Designed to :
indicates on the surface that there is a scuba diver below during decompression.
2 years


Storage Tips
It is important to store diving equipment away from sources that produce ozone. Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
Diving requires the certification of a certified instructor.

Additional information

60 gram lead-free weight. 6-metre non-floating polyester line (improved resistance to sunlight). Snap hook to attach it to the buoyancy compensator.
Abrasion-resistant outer fabric
Main fabric made of polyamide with a polyurethane coating that provides good resistance to wear and friction. Stitching protected & reinforced by protective material (braid).
Patented surface marker buoy
The patent applies to a one-way valve that allows the surface marker buoy to remain inflated, even when it is lying on the water (wind, waves, slack cord, etc.). Consequently, the surface marker buoy remains inflated and operational. This valve also acts as an overpressure valve, preventing damage to the surface marker buoy when the air expands as it rises to the surface.
Dimensions and weight
Length: 147 cm Total length with pouch: 172 cm Width: 15 cm Thickness (rolled up): 8 cm Weight: 220 g
What is the SUBEA brand?
Tribord Diving is now called SUBEA, the Decathlon brand dedicated to underwater sports (snorkelling, scuba diving, spearfishing and free-diving). The markings on all our diving products will gradually be replaced. Why SUBEA? Because: "SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing"! For more information: www.subea.com

Users reviews

3.57 / 5 23 ratings
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    50-59 years old
    28 July 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Diving Surface Marker - Orange

    Does just what it should, can't see why anyone would want to pay more!

  • Man
    50-59 years old
    21 August 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Good buoy, easy to use, but needs improvements

    I like this buoy for its simplicity, and its ease of use: just inflate with you spare second stage. No valve, no oral inflation tube, just a simple open bottom. It is well made, sturdy and I like the velcro closure on the storage flap.
    But, two things need improvement: One: the plastic retaining clip is USELESS and therefore dangerous underwater, as it is too tight and too small: you would not be able to easily UNclip this from a D-ring! This would render the buoy useless under water, not a great idea. Solution: I cut this plastic clip off and replaced it with a proper stainless steel clip that will work reliably under water. TWO: that plastic 'spool' thingy is cute, but it seems like a great way to tangle your line under water, so I replaced that with a small stainless finger spool with 15m of line and a dual ended snap hook. Now I have a great SMB, easy and reliable to use.

  • Man
    20-29 years old
    30 October 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    très moyen