Diving and snorkeling safety tips

Snorkeler, diver or future initiate? Discover the safety rules for safe participation!


Scuba diving and snorkeling are attracting more and more people. And it’s not surprising : snorkeling is very accessible provided that you can swim. Scuba diving is certainly less accessible, but has undoubted appeal. These two underwater sports share one thing in common : essential safety rules, to be followed to make the most of your leisure activity.

Close-up on the risks associated with marine environments : knowing more about them in order to better anticipate them!

Marvelling at underwater nature

Scuba diving and snorkeling will enable you to discover magnificent marine habitats and will amaze you time and time again by their scenery and the incredible lifeforms that you’ll see.Filled with colour and life where the rays of sunlight appear to be dancing in front of you... A pleasure accessible to everybody, snorkeling in particular : you only need fins, mask and a snorkel to go snorkeling, and it's a sport open to people aged from 7 to 77, and above! As for scuba diving, more equipment is required and it’s more technical. You also need training and supervision. But once you’ve been trained, you’ll be able to enjoy these two sports at weekends or on holiday, with friends or with your children. And you can do them anywhere in the world, in fresh or saltwater, warm or cold!

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Magical activities to enjoy responsibly

Just like open-air sports, snorkeling and scuba diving involve risks. Diving and snorkeling are sports enjoyed in a natural environment, with its weather hazards and residents. And you’ll often have to use heavy or unfamiliar equipment, complete with usage precautions.~Your first diver and snorkeler safety actions :~- carefully read the usage instructions of any products, as well as all safety instructions~- take a training course~- never set off alone~- keep a close eye on your children!

Potential risks to be aware of before entering the underwater world

Two activities enjoyed in the same environment, but with certain risks.

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1/ Preventing accidents involving sea life

In diving and snorkeling, encounters are to be expected but stay safe!
When you’re under water, unpleasant encounters can sometimes happen! Be on your guard when coming across weevers, rays, scorpion fish, jellyfish and sea urchins. Some of them are even electric, such as electric rays. To avoid the risk of being bitten, keep your distance from moray eels and triggerfish and watch out for lobsters that pinch !Rest assured, these “contacts” don’t happen very often and by taking a few precautions, you’ll avoid accidents of any kind :- keep en eye on your buoyancy- don’t panic and avoid making sudden movements- while a foothold is sometimes possible in the sand, don’t “touch” the coral that can cause burns and itching- don’t give in to your urge to touch everything!- wear a full wetsuit.

2/ Preventing accidents associated with the weather

Are the wind and waves picking? Don’t snorkel in such conditions. Get your diving gear ready on the dock, calmly and in the dry so as to avoid rushing and seasickness.~Is there a strong current? This can cause considerable drifting and leave you out of breath - or even worse. Snorkelers : get the latest information and don’t overestimate your physical abilities. Divers : relax, use your hands to pull yourself along the lifeline, then down the mooring line. On the seabed, use the contours to protect yourself.~Is it biting cold on land/in the water? Before, during and after your dive, protect yourself with suitable clothing and by wearing a neoprene suit of the right thickness, rounded off, as necessary, by diving gloves, boots and hood.

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