Speargun, wetsuit, surface marker buoy... All essential equipment for spearfishing, but there is more to add to that list.

Here, Subea will tell you about all the kit you need to catch plenty of fish.

Spearfishing mask

A mask is essential to see in the water and spot your prey. Go for a small-volume model that will make equalisation easier when freediving. Also choose a dark colour (or a camouflage pattern) so that your dinner doesn't spot you straight away! Subea has some top tips for you on how to choose your spearfishing mask.

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment


A snorkel is essential so that you can breathe while on the move and keep your eyes in the water. After a freedive, it lets you recover while calmly lying on the surface, without moving. Just like for your mask, choose a dark colour. As a safety precaution, also get a valveless snorkel.

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment

Spearfishing wetsuit

Another essential! At the very least, wear a shorty suit if the water is warm. This piece of kit protects your chest when loading and is a barrier to the cold and other external factors (prey, sharp rocks, jellyfish, etc.). ~Some wetsuits have special features such as reinforced areas on the torso and camouflage patterns.~When trying it on, if you find it difficult to put on, that is a good sign! This is because a spearfishing wetsuit should be a tight fit for maximum efficiency as you move. 

Subea tip: coat the inside with soapy water to make it easier to get on and help protect your suit. 

Spearfishing fins

When choosing your fins, look for a long and fairly stiff blade that will give you the power you need to move quickly and efficiently. If you are a beginner, you don't want fins that are too long or too hard: overly long fins will be too difficult to manoeuvre under the water and you are much more likely to get cramp… ~If you are big and strong and on the search for lightweight, strong and powerful fins, choose a very stiff, carbon fibre blade. 

Above all, pay attention to the comfort of the foot pocket, which should hug your foot for maximum comfort. There are several models out there with ergonomic foot pockets. If necessary, you can add a pair of neoprene socks. 

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment

Surface marker buoy (mandatory)

This piece of kit is a cornerstone of spearfishing regulations: it is designed to make you visible to the boats around you. There are several inflatable models available: brightly coloured or with a flag sticking out the top to make it visible from further away. 

There is a line to attach the buoy to your wrist or belt. A float board is also very useful: in addition to making you even easier to spot, you can use it to take a break, as a base point for swimming or to hold your catch in the built-in net. 

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment

Speargun and spear combo for beginners

For the spear: a 4- or even 5-prong trident tip maximises your chances of success by increasing the surface area of your shot. In terms of diameter, you want it to be at least 6 mm, and as for the material, stainless steel is best.

For the bands: it is best to follow the recommendations of the speargun. You could potentially lengthen them for easier loading. 

For the speargun: average-length models (about 70 cm) are versatile and can be used for all types of spearfishing. Reminder: for under-16s accompanied by an adult, a pole spear is a great way to learn. 

And above all, a good knowledge of the ecology of the species you are hunting (habitat, how they reproduce and feed, etc.) is essential. That way, you can easily find them and take them by surprise before they get away!

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment


When spearfishing, it is important to properly weight yourself to compensate for the excess buoyancy due to the wetsuit and so that you can smoothly and effortlessly move around underwater. Start with a weight belt, which is easy to adjust and remove. For long-wait spearfishing, get yourself some ankle weights as these will help you keep your fins on the bottom. 

Spearfishing knifespeargun and spear combo for beginners

Useful to kill the fish quickly and without unnecessary suffering, or to cut a speargun line or your float line if it gets entangled in the water. It is chosen based on its size, its cutting edge and its weight.

decathlon subea spearfishing equipment

Spearfishing dive computer watch

This is a great way to gain better insight on your practice and your abilities. You have access to lots of information, such as the maximum depth reached, your maximum and average freediving time, session length, the depth of a hole, etc. A very practical and versatile accessory that quickly becomes an essential for intermediate spearos!

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