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For this day, you can choose to take part in either the snorkeling excursion or scuba diving. The equipment needed for both sports will be provided to you, but you can also come with your own equipment.

For divers, the meeting point will be at the PlanetOcean diving club, located in the premises of the Water Sports Centre by Decathlon, at 9 AM for a pre-dive briefing and for the distribution of garbage bags. Then, departure by boat with a return planned for noon. Snorkelers, for their part, can meet directly on the Hendaye beach at the stand at 10 AM in order to collect their equipment, if necessary, before heading off on their excursion.

After these underwater efforts, the Subea invites you to join them for an aperitif at the Water Sports Centre by Decathlon to enjoy a moment of chatting and sharing over a cocktail. The collected waste will also be weighed at this time.


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Depending on your selected sport, here's how to register:

- For divers, you can either register with the Water Sports Centre by Decathlon or with the PlanetOcean diving club, or by e-mail at the following address: A fee of €10 will be collected from you for the diving excursion. If you need equipment or would like to be accompanied by one of the club's instructors, the fees will be at your personal expense.

- If you would like to participate while snorkeling, same registration procedure as for the diving excursion, but with no charge. On the day of the event, you can also go directly to the Hendaye Beach where a stand will be set up next to the embankment.

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Carla, Subea Product Engineer
Carla, Subea Product Engineer

I'm a project engineer for Subea and I'm behind the brand's "green" projects. Being of Flemish origin, I began diving 8 years ago with my club in Belgium: everything from training in the pool to quarry diving. Later on I was able to travel quite a bit, particularly on diving trips, and I haven't stopped since then. I've become a real diving enthusiast and lover of the marine environment. Now I'm a PADI Divemaster.