Baptiste is the digital manager for the Subea brand.He is passionate about spearfishing. Learn more about him...

baptiste digital manager subea background

He's passionate about spearfishing. Learn more about him...

I took up water sports when I was 20 years old. Initially a surfer, I took up spearfishing to spend more time in the water. I wanted to find a complementary surfing activity for when there were no waves and in Hendaye, spearfishing fit the bill. What's more,developing my freediving skills was ideal for getting used to big waves... I feel more like a fisherman than a diver even though I love diving. I passed my level 1 FFESSM at sports college and I then followed the PADI programme right up to PADI Rescue Diver with Deep certification in order to be an autonomous diver down to 40 metres.

Baptiste, Subea digital manager


I came to Tribord in 2006 after a business school internship. My first job was to develop initial diving experiences in front of Decathlon stores. I joined the Subea team in the summer of 2016 and I'm in charge of the brand's digital communication. My job is to sell Subea products on the internet, to discuss with and provide support to our customers and diver-users as they take part in their sport.


There are 3 things that I like about spearfishing. The underwater hide-and-seek that's really like mimicry, you have to blend in with the elements: hide behind a stone, melt into the algae and surprise the fish. I particularly like that part. There's a more physiological point related to freediving that makes you feel really good, as if ther were a molecule of happiness and well-being that freediving must surely generate. It's a true pleasure, you feel so good after a session... Another thing that I love about spearfishing is the pleasure of eating the fish that you've caught, and it's the most environmentally friendly fishing possible because you only take what you need.


I could mention great catches, but I would rather talk about a spearfishing memory where I was pretty impressed. It was off the Hendaye shore with 2 colleagues who had come across a shark the day before. We decided to return to the same place the next day, thinking that with a bit of luck, we would see it again... I was lying in ambush, that is, I was hidden lurking on the bottom waiting for fish to arrive, when suddenly, I saw a large mass behind a block of stone and it was this famous shark. A tope shark to be exact, also called a "sea dog", it must have been 2 metres long because it was bigger than me. There was not much visibility, barely 4 to 5 metres... so when I saw it, it was really very close to me, impressive! After that, we've never spearfished so close to each other...

Baptiste, Subea digital manager