Amélie, subea image leader

Amélie is the image leader for the Subea brand.She is keen on scuba diving and snorkeling. Learn more about her...

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I've been working at Decathlon since 2011. I had the chance to dive for when I went to the Seychelles and since then I've been diving on a regular basis and I have my N2 FFESSM certification. I've also become a fan of snorkeling, I'would almost say that it's the best sport in the world. Everywhere I go, I always have a set of fins, mask and snorkel in my suitcase and as soon as I get the chance, I jump in the water. As a photographer, I've tried underwater photography. First by myself as an amateur with a Nikon AW130 Coolpix digital waterproof camera, small but waterproof down to 30 m. And since I joined the Subea team, I've been improving every aspect of my underwater photography and video, it's like being trained intensively and constantly by divers who are professional and passionate photographers.

Amélie, Subea image leader

What do you do at subea?

I've been working at Subea since July 2016. I'm an image leader (formerly known as an Image Production Manager). My job is to produce all of the photos and videos required to sell diving, snorkeling and spearfishing equipment at Decathlon, as well as images that make it easier to understand, use and maintain our underwater sports products. I also make this content available for maximum dissemination. All of this is intended to convey the Subea identity, and more generally the Decathlon identity. Our sports enthusiasts know us for our innovative products; the Easybreath is the best example. I'm also here to talk about the design of our diving products and the history of the people who create the innovations bearing in mind that we're all first and foremost divers and enthusiasts!

What do you like about scuba diving?

What particularly attracts me under the water is the marine life. I'm much more into recreational diving rather than technical diving, I really appreciate discovering the fauna and flora,  and the diversity of the seabed. And my moment of pleasure in diving is the descent when, after adapting to the aquatic environment, the ocean's life reveals itself to you. The same goes for snorkeling although it's less engaging than diving. Snorkeling brings me some of the sensations of diving and the same sense of wonder but it's way more accessible and lasts longer.

What's your most beautiful memory of an underwater experience?

One of my best dives was the one on the wreck of the boat "Le Grec" in the Mediterranean. A dive with a luminosity and extraordinary colors, I was surrounded by red gorgonians, big groupers ... A wonderful memory!


~© Photo : Nicolas Barraqué 

Amélie, Subea image leader