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conseil snorkeling entretien aquashoes chaussures aquatiques subea
Taking good care of your aqua shoes will help them to last longer. François, one of our product engineers explains how you should take care of them.
conseil choisir équipement snorkeling randonnée palmée subea
For stress-free snorkeling, you need to be well-equipped! Subea is going to give you a few tips here to choose your snorkeling equipment properly.
conseil choisir taille combinaison plongée subea
A suit is often essential to fight the cold when diving. As long as it fits you properly... Discover our simple, practical guide to help you choose the right suit size!
conseil comment choisir kit snorkeling palmes masque tuba subea
For snorkeling, fins, a mask and a snorkel are essential! But what are the different snorkeling sets? Subea give you the answers in this simple and practical guide.
conseil bien utiliser aquashoes chaussures aquatiques snorkeling subea
Aquashoes are your allies on snorkeling trips although you should still look where you put your feet ! Here's our advice for using your water shoes.
conseil securite snorkeling subea
Discover all of our tips on safety rules for safe snorkeling!