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10 reasons to take up snorkeling subea
Looking to discover a new activity while exploring the seabed? Subea lists 10 good reasons why you should take up snorkeling ASAP !
conseils snorkeling protection solaire subea
Off on your holiday ? Snorkeling bag ready to go ? But have you thought about sun protection whilst you're snorkeling ? Check out the best health support for smart snorkelers !
how to choose diving snorkeling spearfishing freediving fins subea
Do you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving or even spearfishing? Fins will be an important part of your gear. But what are the different types of fins? Which one should you choose for your sport? Subea answers all of your questions in this simple and practical guide.
conseil snorkeling filmer masque easybreath subea
Did you know that from now on you can mount a camera on your Easybreath and so record your snorkeling outings for posterity Loïc, product engineer, is going to explain how to film underwater with your Easybreath mask.
conseil choisir lestage plongée subea house reef alor indonésie
Whether for diving, snorkeling or spearfishing, weighting makes it easier for you to move around and/or submerge in the water. Discover our tips for choosing your weighting according to your sport!
conseil choisir masque plongée snorkeling chasse sous marine subea alor house reef indonésie
Whether for snorkeling, scuba diving or spearfishing, the mask is an essential part of your kit. But which mask should you choose, depending on your sport? Single or Double window? Subea is going to give you a few tips for properly choosing your mask.
conseil snorkeling entretien aquashoes chaussures aquatiques subea
Taking good care of your aqua shoes will help them to last longer. François, one of our product engineers explains how you should take care of them.
conseil choisir équipement snorkeling randonnée palmée subea
For stress-free snorkeling, you need to be well-equipped! Subea is going to give you a few tips here to choose your snorkeling equipment properly.