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conseil techniques mise à l'eau plongée sous marine subea
Once you are equipped for diving, it is difficult to be agile with a cylinder on your back. Particular in terms of entering the water... Subea has come up with a list of different techniques for you to enter the water quickly and efficiently !
conseil bien réussir voyage plongée sous marine subea indonésie alor red sand
You've decided to organise a diving break ? Is it the first time you're going away ? Subea and its partner Dune will guide you through preparing and making a success of your dive trip !
conseil choisir gilet stabilisateur plongée sous marine subea house reef alor indonesie
The buoyancy compensator or buoyancy control device, called a "BCD" in diver-speak, plays more than one role in the water: it keeps the cylinder on your back, helps you adjust your buoyancy, helps you to get back to the surface effortlessly and even keeps you there. Discover our simple, practical guide to help you choose your buoyancy compensator.
conseil choisir ordinateur plongée subea house reef alor indonésie
A dive computer is like an assistant but which should you choose for your sport? Dive watch or computer? Subea is going to help you choose your future dive computer!