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how to choose diving snorkeling spearfishing freediving fins subea
Do you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving or even spearfishing? Fins will be an important part of your gear. But what are the different types of fins? Which one should you choose for your sport? Subea answers all of your questions in this simple and practical guide.
conseil choisir ordinateur plongée subea house reef alor indonésie
A dive computer is like an assistant, but which one should you choose for your sport? Dive watch or computer? Subea is going to help you choose your future dive computer!
conseil avantages affiliation club plongée sous marine subea
Being a member of a diving club has many advantages: learning, training, ... and many more! Subea has worked with its diving club partner PlanetOcean to list all the advantages of joining a club.
conseil choisir lestage plongée subea house reef alor indonésie
Whether for diving, snorkeling or spearfishing, weighting makes it easier for you to move around and/or submerge in the water. Discover our tips for choosing your weighting according to your sport!
conseil du snorkeling vers la plongée sous marine subea pain de sucre
Are you an experienced snorkeler and want to take the plunge with scuba diving? There are a few things to bear in mind... Subea, and its partner Dune, are going to explain why!
conseil astuces lutter contre le froid plongée sous marine subea épave méditerranée le spahis
Winter is coming, the air and water are getting colder... However, having the right equipment for these conditions means you don't have to stay out of the water! Subea is providing a few recommendations and tips to stay warm when diving!
conseil choisir masque plongée snorkeling chasse sous marine subea alor house reef indonésie
Whether for snorkeling, scuba diving or spearfishing, the mask is an essential part of your kit. But which mask should you choose, depending on your sport? Single or Double window? Subea is going to give you a few tips for properly choosing your mask.
conseil destinations plongée sous marine automne hiver subea white tip avenue
Autumn and winter are generally great seasons for organising a diving trip. Whether it is abroad or even in France, here are a few destination ideas for your next trip!
conseil plongée sous marine piscine fosse subea
Let's face it, winter isn't a great season for diving... But while you're waiting, why not train in a swimming pool or in a diving tank? Subea is going to explain the different advantages of continuing to dive in chlorinated water during the winter.
conseil plongée sous marine carrière subea la gombe
Do you want to try diving in an unusual place and have a new experience? Subea is proud to present quarry diving!
conseil lexique plongée sous marine subea chapel point
To communicate under water, all divers use the same conventional sign language. But what about when we get out of the water? Here's a short French-English glossary of terms linked to underwater diving!