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diving communication signs tips subea
Effective communication while diving is important for both you and your buddy. But how do you communicate under water ? Let’s look at some popular hand signs used by divers !
how to plan a dive tips subea
Scuba diving requires thorough preparation before you jump in the water... Here’s our advice about planning your next dive !
lutter contre le mal de mer en plongée astuces prévention subea
A trip on the water is planned and you're worried about feeling seasick once aboard? A few prevention tips can be useful for dealing with this phenomenon!
conseil plongée sous-marine diabète indonésie alor house reef
Are you diabetic but would like to try scuba diving? The "Diabète et Plongée" (Diabetes and Diving) association offers all of the indications and contra-indications for safe diving!
découvrir la plongée sur épave subea kalipayan wreck
Would you like to learn all about diving on underwater wrecks? Find out more about this type of diving with Subea!
conseil transporter phare plongée bouteille avion subea estartit
Do you have a diving trip on the horizon and need to check the regulations for taking your dive lamp on the airplane? Here are a few tips for taking your diving lamp with you on your next trip!
conseil comment équiper bloc plongée bouteille subea gili tapeko
Learning to set up your tank is one of the initial things that you'll have to learn when first starting with diving. Subea give you step-by-step instructions on setting up your tank!
panne d'air en plongée bouteille comment réagir conseils subea
You're enjoying your dive when, all of a sudden, there's nothing left to breathe in... You're out of air! What should you do? Check out our advice for avoiding running out of air and how to react if it does happen!