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subea how to pack your scuba diving travel bag
When travelling, your dive bag is often put to the test... especially if you go by plane! Thibaut, diving product manager, is going to show you the best way to pack your bag to protect your equipment!
subea using surface marker buoy
A surface marker buoy is an essential accessory for diving safety! Julien, diving equipment product engineer at Subea, explains how to properly use your equipment.
subea breaking down dive equipment
You’ve had your entry-level diving course, but you don’t necessarily know how to disassemble your equipment after a dive? Engineer Erwann, who works on Subea’s range of regulators, provides a step-by-step explanation!
subea diving buoyancy control device usage hints
If you’re new to diving, learning to properly use your buoyancy control device properly is essential. Learn how to use your BCD’s purge (or dump) valves correctly with Julien, product engineer at Subea.
subea distribution dive weights
Diving weights are essential when it comes to moving around under water, so it’s important to make sure you’re weighted properly! Thibaut, diving product manager at Subea, explains how to properly distribute your diving weights.
subea wetsuit maintenance hint
To extend the life of your wetsuit, regular upkeep after each dive is essential. Nathalie, Subea neoprene engineer, gives her expert advice on wetsuit maintenance.
8 eco-friendly ways for ocean preservation subea
Today, the ocean is increasingly threatened : pollution, dwindling fish populations, destruction of coral reefs ... It is time to act ! Here are some ideas of eco-friendly ways to contribute to the preservation of our oceans !
subea hints for repairing wetsuit
You’ve just inspected your neoprene wetsuit and you’ve found a rip or a tear? Wetsuit designer Miriam explains how to repair this crucial part of your kit!
subea how to choose scuba diving lighting
What kind of lighting should you choose while diving? Lamp or pocket torch? And, most importantly, for what kind of diving? Let Subea shine a light on some essential things to bear in mind when choosing your product.