subea christmas gift ideas scuba diving intro training


Love to learn?

If you have the budget, or can go with friends, nothing could be better than arranging for a few new dives with a diving club, or even a qualification upgrade or dive trip. It's easier to dive, of course, when living by the sea, but sadly that's not the case for all of us. Also, for novices or people wanting to give scuba diving a try, why not for buy them an intro course? This is a great way to introduce your passion to a friend or relative - who knows, they could even become your next dive buddy. It might sound cliché, but every diver loves the sea and its flora and fauna. If there's one thing that I love, it's books about diving. Technical books, theory, qualification upgrades, but also the history of diving and its evolution. My favourites, of course, are photo books. Recent years have seen an abundance of publications of photo collections, taken by the best underwater photographers. If movies are more your thing, some great documentaires have come out in recent years on the current state of our oceans.


It might sound crazy, but it's true!

The Coral Guardian Association, a charity aiming at protecting marine ecosystems, actually allows you adopt a coral! Register with them and your donation will help to pay for the transplant of a coral, helping to preserve the delicate balance of life underwater. A surprising and incredibly thoughtful gift!

subea christmas gift ideas scuba adopt a coral


If you want to treat your loved one to a piece of kit without filling in a ten-page questionnaire on what they already do or don't have, here are some lesser-known equipment ideas.

subea christmas gift ideas scuba diving
Lighting up the dive

Bonus kit #1: a diving lamp. Or at least a torch. In terms of budget, a diving torch isn't usually the first accessory that a diver will buy (instead, we tend to go for diving computers, or a regulator, or a BCD...) That said, torches are extremely useful when diving. Prices start at around €20 for a basic torch and go up to €200 for the most powerful lamps, making this a great gift option for all price ranges!

Diving computer

Then there's the diving computer. As autonomous divers, we can't get around underwater without this hugely important piece of kit! Divers usually choose between a diving watch or a traditional diving computer. Unsurprisingly, the information provided by a diving watch is less complete than that provided by a diving computer. It's up to you to decide which is best, depending on how experienced a diver your friend or family member is.

Diving luggage
subea christmas gift ideas scuba diving

An essential accessory, and one that's not even for underwater use: a diving bag! With a handle or on wheels, this type of bag is very practical for easily carrying around all of our dive gear: wet suit, BCD, regulator, etc, whether on a trip or just for some pool training.

subea christmas gift ideas scuba diving


Mugs, T-shirts, jewellery, etc.

The choice is yours! There are hundreds and even thousands of objects available for sale relating to diving, including more (or less) useful gadgets, such as watches, clocks, and more. Aside from the obligatory funny T-shirt, there are also gadgets that are, shall we say, a little more unusual. We might not use them every day, but that diving-themed mouse pad or tea set is certain to raise a smile. Diving is a passion, and anything to do with the underwater world is sure to make your dive happy - yes, even a cake and pie server shaped like a hardhat diver!

subea christmas gift ideas scuba diving


You can't go wrong with this one!

If you really can't find anything we want or need, go for the tried and tested gift card! That way, your diver will be able to pick up whatever he or she needs - equipment, lessons, kit - or whatever else is on their wishlist.


The best gift of all!

It isn't always necessary to bombard us with questions or try to ferret out information from our spouses in order to find a gift idea that we might like. In my opinion, the best gifts are those you can share. Even if you aren't certified for diving, sharing what we experience and what we're passionate about with us is the greatest gift imaginable. And if you can't or don't want to go as far as scuba diving, even a little time with us on the surface with a mask would be great!


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        A first dive allows you to discover the flora and fauna, teaches you how to handle the equipment and gives you a whole new experience. Nevertheless, don't confuse snorkeling with scuba diving - they are two completely different activities. So, you've decided to take the plunge? Find out all about first dives with Subea!
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        Since we dive in pairs, why not get your better half or your loved ones into this thing that you love so much? Subea explains why sharing your passion can only be beneficial!


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