Good snorkeling technique

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8 eco-friendly ways for ocean preservation subea
Today, the ocean is increasingly threatened : pollution, dwindling fish populations, destruction of coral reefs ... It is time to act ! Here are some ideas of eco-friendly ways to contribute to the preservation of our oceans !
10 reasons to take up snorkeling subea
Looking to discover a new activity while exploring the seabed? Subea lists 10 good reasons why you should take up snorkeling ASAP !
sun protection snorkeling advice subea
Off on your holiday ? Snorkeling bag ready to go ? But have you thought about sun protection whilst you're snorkeling ? Check out the best health support for smart snorkelers !
conseil snorkeling filmer masque easybreath subea
Did you know that from now on you can mount a camera on your Easybreath and so record your snorkeling outings for posterity Loïc, product engineer, is going to explain how to film underwater with your Easybreath mask.
conseil bien utiliser aquashoes chaussures aquatiques snorkeling subea
Aquashoes are your allies on snorkeling trips although you should still look where you put your feet ! Here's our advice for using your water shoes.
conseil securite snorkeling subea
Discover all of our tips on safety rules for safe snorkeling!