Snorkeling consists of admiring the sea flora and fauna and so it is essential to have a good field of vision in your mask. Therefore prioritise the width of the mask window so that the surface is as large as possible. A mask is made up of 4 parts: the window, the skirt, the strap and the tightening buckle. Whichever mask you choose, there are 2 essential factors to really get the most out of your excursions: your mask should fit the size and shape of your face and it should be mist-free.

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There are several options among snorkels. Firstly, the range divides up by size and width, the greater the width and length, the greater the amount of air breathed in. There are therefore different snorkels depending on the type of snorkeling and, above all, the age of the snorkeler. Adult and children breath differently and require different sizes.
Did you know? Almost 50% of people do not know how to breath in a snorkel! This is even the main reason stopping people from snorkeling. Actually, breathing through your mouth is not natural and the snorkel mouthpiece is thought to be too intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic. This is why we invented the Easybreath mask, the first full snorkeling mask to breath underwater as easily and naturally as on land, using your nose and your mouth.

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Fins are a safety element in snorkeling. They give you much greater speed whilst conserving your energy, practical if you have to swim against a current. You should also be aware that length is important - making fins more powerful and requiring more intense muscular effort. However, if you are not comfortable with fins, we recommend that you use water shoes known as "aquashoes" to protect your feet.


To be able to stay out at sea for longer, a shorty, a top or a full suit can be useful and will allow you to keep the cold away effectively. The big advantage of these "snorkeling outfits" is that they also protect you from the sun. Snorkelers are actually particularly exposed to the sun.

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When snorkeling, you can gain buoyancy by using different accessories: buoys, an inflatable float, jacket, etc. This can provide welcome support when snorkeling and provide comfort and safety. You should also be aware that if you are wearing a neoprene wetsuit, top or shorty, this will also give you buoyancy, just like jackets and inflatable floats. Once again, this provides extra comfort so you can snorkel for longer and thereby save your energy. Inflatable floats are particularly suitable for snorkeling with children.
To find out more about how useful a buoyancy aid might be when snorkeling, check out our tips and discover the range of accessories.


Hover over the red dots to see our tips to help you choose your equipment!



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Practical to start out snorkeling!

For anyone who is starting out or only snorkels occasionally, there are complete kits with a mask, fins and a snorkel or just a mask and snorkel. No need to look any further, you've got everything you need, and what's more, you'll get a bag to transport your kit in. To find out more about our snorkeling kits and so choose the one that suits you best, check out our tips to help you choose your equipment!


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